6 & 12

6 & 12, originally uploaded by photomat-.

Hasselblad 500CM
Carl Zeiss 50mm f/4.0 Distagon
Hasselblad Polaroid 100 Back
Fuji FP-100C B&W conversion
Exposure: f/4.0 1/2

Vintage Gossen Lunasix light meter and the A12 back that made way for the Polaroid back to take this shot. Been a while since I used the instant back. First shot out was all cloudy with the full two minutes to develop. Second shot was a little better but I would say it pays to use these film packs when they are fresh as they have inconsistent exposure otherwise. Converted to B&W because of the usual horrible color cast from my office lamp.

Regarding the Gossen light meter, I have had this a few years and was bought off of eBay. It gave me around 6 months good service before it started giving me readings around 2 – 3 stops off. If anyone is interested in repairing it or using it as is, I would gladly give it away to the first person who pays for shipping. It is in need of a new battery.

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