52 Weeks, Polarized

52/52: Untitled, originally uploaded by photomat-.

For those that don’t know, I spent 2010 taking one shot a week on my iPhone with an app called Polarize. It’s a free Fauxlaroid style app that really isn’t the best one out there but I liked it’s ability to be able tag the border with your own text. If I had to do it over, I would have probably gone with ShakeIt for it’s color and lower contrast. The shot featured above is the final shot. I had spent some time thinking about various way to end the 52 Week Project. Some ideas included a self portrait, NYE fireworks from the Las Vegas Strip which was how I started at the beginning of the year, something symbolic of an ending…. all of these thoughts went out the window about three days ago when I walked into our bedroom and saw this scene. I am quite sure she was supposed to be doing something more useful but had hopped into bed because she was cold! That’s my wife and the perfect way to end “52 Weeks, 2010 Polarized”.

I am not a prolific shooter by any means, I am active in spurts I would say. I take my hat off to anyone who can get anywhere near completing a 365 Project. For me 52 weeks was doable when combined with my other shooting. I think my next project will likely be film based which has it’s own challenges with timing. We shall see.

I plan on doing a blurb photobook of this project and will post it up here and on Flickr once it’s done. Don’t hold your breath waiting on it though, life has been pretty hectic of late with hobbies such as photography take a backseat.

Cheers for watching 2010 unfold via my iPhone.


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