First Fujiroid

First Fujiroid, originally uploaded by photomat-.

The first shot with my new Hasselblad Polaroid 100 back. Picked it up on eBay and it came with a packet of expired ( 09/2005 ) Fuji FP-100C instant film. I let this “develop” for 2 minutes, which I believe is the limit. I am assuming the fact that is underexposed is due to the age of the film. I am now wondering what kind of exposure compensation I might have to use to get better shots.

Overall, I am very happy that the back works well. Took me a bit to figure out the loading. Even with a manual I was scratching my head as it didn’t look right. Watched a Youtube video of a Bronica ETRSi with a Polaroid back being loaded to help me along. Different brand but the principle is the same. Check it here, if you are interested.


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