Konica Auto S2

Konica Auto S2, originally uploaded by photomat-.

My first post using the off camera flash gear I picked up recently. Of a camera I bought on eBay recently 🙂 The Quantary flash I have was collecting dust on my bookshelf so I thought it about time I used it. I added a swivel bracket, umbrella and a cheap set of Yongnuo flash triggers. For $30, these eBay triggers are quite impressive, not misfires yet and also double as a remote shutter trigger if need be. Haven’t got a lightstand yet so my tripod is doing double duty for now. Also have a pc cord for syncing the trigger to my film cameras. That pc socket you see on the Konica here seems to be in working order as I used it to trigger the flash for a pic of my wife. All in all, happy at my first attempts and another voyage of learning begins.

As for the Konica, my first foray into 35mm. Have to say I am not sure it will last. The results are sharp enough from the Hexanon f/1.8 lens but for me there are too many shots on a 35mm roll and with my style of shooting, it either takes  me an age to finish a roll or I end up with a bunch of mediocre shots I am not happy with. Around the same time, I bought a Yashica Electro 35GT with a battery adapter to power the meter. The idea was to try both and sell the one I didn’t like. The Yashica has the semi auto mode of aperture priority which whilst giving you a little less control, allows me to use the camera in snapshot mode too. The Konica has a full auto mode but requires a battery that is now defunct. I would have to locate an adapter to go use it. So I think it is likely that I will keep the Yashica and sell the Konica on which is a shame as it is a lovely camera to look at and use. 35mm, as I suspected, is not for me. I prefer the slower shooting style of Medium Format 120 film and the lower amount of shots on a roll that makes me stop and think about a shot before I commit to it.

A shot from the crappy roll of Fuji Superia Xtra I tested the camera with:

Grafitti in the Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas


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