For some reason I find film photography more rewarding. Perhaps it is the fact you have to be sure you get the exposure right as it’s costing you money for film and development. This makes me slow down and try to get the shot right and in turn I spend more time on the composition, ensuring I don’t get no wonky lines. Well, most of the time! Also, my previous ventures into film photography before that digital thingey were pretty much failures. This time around, I have used digital to get my failures out of the way and get my learning done.

This was taken right before sunrise on the bridge over I-215 on Charleston Blvd looking east. This morning was one of those times I wish I had been using a color film or had my Canon with me. Oh well, can’t win them all!

Previously, I have been using the heal tool in Photoshop to clean up the dust spots etc. I have a new favorite tool after using the Lightroom spot removal tool. This works so much better than the Photoshop version. For those that haven’t used it, you click the spot and it places one circle over the spot and another for the spot you are cloning. You can change the size of either circle and the location by selecting them and dragging them around. Brilliance in simplicity!

A technical question for anyone that can answer: What is with the uniform strip of overexposure down the left side? It extends all the way out to the edge of the negative. It was on a couple of other shots from the roll but not all. I believe these were towards the beginning of the roll.


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